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Balls To The Baltic - Latvia or Bust



Something somewhere in the midst of this approximation for sanity clicked its fingers (if sanity can be said to have fingers), and somehow I found myself traveling in a transit van, with a Jester who’d recently discovered a passion for rhubarb and custard.

Sanity being what it is, every now and again it throws up some pretty insane stuff.

Jugglers being what they are, occasionally catch it.


It Started Like This

"If there is anybody out there who can juggle and perform half decently, I have a free trip to Germany and Latvia from 14/1 to 27/1.

All offers considered.


It was cold and it was dark and it was the 11th of January. If you noticed the dates in the above message when reading it, you’d realise that meant we’d be leaving in three days time… to go somewhere where it was colder and darker.

…Sanity sat there and dexterously stretched its digits, making an annoying clicking noise...

It's probably worth mentioning at this point, that January is generally a very slow month for me. It's that bit after Christmas when everything slows right down while everyone recovers from the hangovers, or is too busy playing with their new toys. It was slow. I was so bored I'd done my accounts. I needed a new toy, or more to the point, something to stop sanity from making that really annoying noise …

… Sanity sits drumming its fingers on the desk impatiently wondering when I’m going to get on with the plot …




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