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Balls To The Baltic - Latvia or Bust



Balls to the Baltic - Latvia or Bust

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  1. It started like this …
  2. Introductions and What Passes for ‘The Plot’
  3. Three days later, back at the ranch …...
  4. Jestifiable Homicide.
  5. So You don’t know the way to France Either
  6. Leaving Blighty for Mission Improbable.
  7. You Drive One Way, I’ll Drive the Other
  8. So How Many Times Have You Rehearsed This?.
  9. Seriously, Is this Safe?.
  10. We should have learned some German.
  11. If You’ve Never Burned down a School …...
  12. You Cannot Beat The Jesters Sense of Timing. Don’t Even Try.
  13. Bigger Than God.
  14. Ole Ole, Ole Ole !
  15. Stealing the Gate.
  16. Here Be Dragyns.
  17. Diplomatic Wrangling to get Two Clowns Over the Border
  18. Diplomatic Wrangling to get Two Clowns Over the Border (Part ii)
  19. Diplomatic Tip 37 - Don’t Ever Hug the Border Guard.
  20. Who, What Where and Why?.
  21. Thank You and Bless You.
  22. Latvia Here We Come.
  23. “The Toilet is in Backwards”.
  24. Elementary Latvian Mathematics 101.
  25. Loud…What? … I said Loud … You said What?.
  26. Scoring Emotional Opiates.
  27. And there will be Bombs.
  28. “Rivvitski”.
  29. Two Thousand Miles for a Cup of Tea.
  30. Things to do for Lunch.
  31. Well, that Probably Saved about Four Years.
  32. The Bride of Jug-u-lar
  33. So Sad.
  34. We Laugh at Gravity.
  35. So We Spent the Evening in Prison.
  36. Fontains Finale.
  37. The Most Beautiful Candles.
  38. Political Ambitions From Back Behind Bars.
  39. The Last Supper/Lunch.
  40. Leaving My Wife.
  41. Auto Passport Revisited.
  42. Ride ‘em in, Rawhide.
  43. Garden Ornaments or Declaring Independence.
  44. How Things Change.
  45. More about that Song.
  46. No really – About that song.
  47. A Place for the Night
  48. Polish Wales
  49. All your children will be Haddock.
  50. The Incredible! The Delectable! The Mind Reading Waitress!
  51. Putting The Tree Back in the Attic.
  52. The Last Legs.
  53. I didn’t want to go home anyway …...
  54. That’s it, It’s all over, Go Home.




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