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Juggling as a Visual Spectacle

The images in the title bar show the effect that's produced juggling glowing balls, using fire stave, and a human catherine wheel. This isn't just camera trickery. Due to the way the eye feeds information to the brain, the balls leave a trail of light behind them when juggled in the dark, and the stave makes huge swirls of fire, and can be used to create huge fire balls. Always a crowd pleaser. If you look closely at the picture of the 'catherine wheel' on the far right, you can make out the person in the middle, just to give you an idea of scale.

For some spectacular images of night time juggling, have a look at the page dedicated to the 'Alight Fingers Alight Body' suit

A Little Video ...

complex 4 ball trick"That's quite good - Oh my God!" One of the great pleasures of juggling is when you create something new. This little video was originally put together to help teach another juggler how to do a new four ball trick I made up. It was filmed outside the Cherry Trees pub in Whitstable. Listen closely to the soundtrack. The "Oh my God" line wasn't ours. It was a reaction from a two patrons who happened to be standing next to the cameraman when they suddenly noticed what we were doing. Many thanks to the people involved, it's always nice to be appreciated.


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