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Children's Parties and for Bigger Kids Too.


"Everyone had a great time, I have never heard 25 kids go silent and then whisper 'wow' like they did! Being a village we saw a lot of the kids again on the Sunday and their parents said they hadn’t stopped talking about the party."


If you're looking for a novel children's party ideas, look no further. If there's one thing that children love more than going to the circus, it's having the chance to join in with the activities. Well, there's that and ice cream, but as we don't sell ice cream, we're going to focus on the circus party part.

If you have the space, we can set up your children's party in your house or garden. If not, there are generally lots of places you can hire for the event, such as school, church, or village halls.

We'll bring along all of our circus workshop equipment, so everyone can have a go at juggling, diabolos, flower and devil sticks, hula hoops, spinning plates, stilts, unicycles, poi, chinese ribbons and anything else that I've forgotten to mention.

After a brief introduction and demonstration of how it all works, we'll let everyone lose on all the toys for an afternoon of organised mayhem. Then, if you like, (which people generally do) before we pack everything away again we'll spend a little time showing off our favourite tricks.

If you've any questions, such as how much space we need, how many people we can cater for, or a host of other things, have a look at the circus workshop frequently asked questions, or just get in touch.

Adults are more than welcome to stay and play too, in fact it's positively encouraged. For children below or around our minimum age guideline please take a look at our circus playshops for very young children page.

And as a final point, you don't have to dress up, and a lot of people don't, we just happen to have used pictures of ones when people do.

If you book us for a children's party or an adult circus party, feel free to use our free downloadable circus party invitations.


It's not all Kids Stuff

Of course, some people do think that circus is for kids. You might be surprised to realise just how much adults like playing with all this stuff too. Perhaps it's something to do with the fact that there's still a child in all of us, and perhaps it's more to do with the fact that this really isn't just kids stuff.

And of course, if you want a little extra sparkle for you party, we also do a nice line in glowing and burning things.

So to add a little extra sparkle to your parties, we'll come along, and perform glow, contact, and/or fire juggling.

It's the grown up version.

The Serious Bits

  • When working with children we do require that at least one other adult is present at all times to deal with anything serious that might prevent us all from having lots of fun.
  • You should also ensure that there's somewhere we can play if it's wet, as we require paying even if it rains.
  • We do have public liability insurance, but may require you to sign a disclaimer prior to us performing fire under certain conditions, such as you preferring us to work without a barrier, or within certain distances of people or property.
  • We generally work around Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and London, but can be persuaded to work elsewhere. Just let us know.





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