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This Isn't Clowning Around .... Well ...

These fingers have juggled from the streets of Hertfordshire, through Leicester Square night clubs, to the prestigious Henley Ball. They have entertained in tents, theatres, private parties, the Emirates Stadium, and would you believe, BBC Radio ... twice (think about it).

The actual performance can vary, depending on the crowd, and the conditions of the performance area. Glowing juggling is always a big crowd pleaser and a safer alternative to fire (which can be done on request if the area is deemed safe).

Obviously, illuminated juggling is best carried out in the dark, fire juggling is most effective at dusk. For other times performance can include all kinds of juggling with balls, clubs, contact (crystal ball rolling), and the occasional balance.

Get in touch, and we'll work out what we can do for you.

The Serious Bits

  • When working with children we do require that at least one other adult is present at all times to deal with anything serious that might prevent us all from having lots of fun.
  • You should also ensure that there's somewhere we can play if it's wet, as we require paying even if it rains.


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