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Balls To The Baltic - Latvia or Bust



Thank You and Bless You

And so we moved on, we were back on the road. We drove for a way through Lithuania before stopping for lunch at a slightly less out of the way roadside cafe. This time the menus also had English translations, so there was no need for the lunchtime lottery, and we had a chat with the Lithuanian waitress who it turned out had spent some time in London the previous year. After ordering, Jonathan started his Lithuanian lessons by asking our lovely waitress how he should say “thank you” in Lithuanian. "Achoo" she replied. "Achoo" said Jonathan, and then turned to head to his seat. "Bless you" I responded, given that is sounded like he’d just sneezed.

We had a good meal. There seems to be a thing in this part of the world for pork coated in batter, and if you happen to like pork coated in batter, which I now know that I do, it's a very good thing. Jonathan had salad, which I think means he likes men. I wonder if his wife knows. Obviously I’m not in any way shape or form implying that would make him a bad person.  Incidentally, ‘pork coated in batter’ is also not a euphemism.

When we were leaving, we both gave a quick wave to the waitress, and took the chance to practice our now impressive Lithuanian dialects. "Achoo" we both said, in unison.

"Bless you!" she replied with a grin, and a wicked glint in her eye.

I liked her.



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