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Balls To The Baltic - Latvia or Bust



The Last Supper/Lunch

We then headed back over to the youth centre where they wanted to show us a little more about the sort of things that they got up to over there. So we spent some time filling jars with coloured sand, twisting wire into odd shapes, and hey, making wicker baskets. Very rock and roll. The bit where we stamped coins could have been cool if they’d let us make real currency ….Jonathan had protested about doing this when he first got a clue what they had a store in for us. “Have they let us down yet?” I asked him, “just do it”. I think he wanted to kill himself by the end of it, or more to the point, to kill me. Or just to kill someone. Anyone. It probably helped that I quite like exercising my artistic bent as it were, so I was happy to be learning how to do things I’ve never done before, even if it has to be said, I’ll probably never do any of them again… once I’ve finished my wicker basket of course…

We all piled into the car to head to lunch, and were mildly surprised when we got out of the car thirty seconds and about four hundred yards down the road at the restaurant. The guys from the circus were there as we had our last Latvian lunch. I felt that we should all sit round one side of the table for pictures but decided against suggesting it. We walked back to the centre after lunch, which was a bit of a push, but I think that we were just about up to it.

It was getting to the point where it was time to leave. We spent more time talking about other projects that we could do, and had that sort of ‘rounding everything off’ meeting. All too soon though it really was time to leave. There were more gifts. Jonathan was presented with some very dainty cups, whilst I was received a bottle of local liqueur. He complained that I’d won out in the gift stakes, but this is what he gets for wanting a cup of tea every second of the day and not hanging around when we were getting drunk. There was also more chocolate than a chocoholic could get through in a month of Easter Sundays, which with the help of my friends I hope to manage to make a dent in over the next few years. More importantly they gave us copies of the photos they’d taken over the time we were there which has certainly brought back a few memories while I’ve been writing this.

And that was that, it was time to leave. I’m not a big fan of goodbyes, so I tend to try to get them over with quickly once I’m on my way, but given that we had to say goodbye to so many people this wasn’t easy. It occurred to me as I said goodbye to Katriina “not to be zo zentimental”.

We did a quick tour of the markets before we headed off so that Jonathan could buy more hats (apparently you can never have enough) where of course, we got lost, although we sorted ourselves and the hats out eventually. It was then back to the flat to sort out our stuff, grab a bite to eat and then load up the van.



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