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Balls To The Baltic - Latvia or Bust



The Incredible! The Delectable! The Mind Reading Waitress!

We were shocked to discover, on heading back to the restaurant the day after, that our waitress wasnt actually there. Whats more, horror of horrors, the new waitress didnt really speak English. This wasnt the problem it could have been, as it turned out that our new waitress was a stunningly talented mind reader. As we took our usual seats by the window looking out onto the square, she informed us what we would like for breakfast.

And she was right.

Now maybe there is something of the gypsy magic that still lingers in the Slavic people, or maybe you can tell from a persons build the sort of thing they like for breakfast. We are after all, ultimately, all what we eat (which means if you eat thin people you can lose weight) however Im going to believe that someone had told her what wed had the day before. Otherwise it just messes with my head too much.

So once again we started the day with perfect eggs. There would have been no question if these eggs had come before or after the chicken, as their timing was impeccable. It would undoubtedly have happened in wondrous unison.

Over breakfast we chatted idly, and made plans for heading back. Wed decided the previous day that having spent an extra day here wed give Prague a miss this time. So after breakfast we headed back to the hotel, packed up all our bits and pieces, checked out, and went and loaded up the van ready for the trip home.



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