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Balls To The Baltic - Latvia or Bust



I didn’t want to go home anyway …

It wasn’t actually a ticket as such, more a receipt, and after fifteen minutes of searching every bag he possessed and still not finding it, we decided to go and see if they had a record of us on their computers. We stood around and waiting our turn in the ferry reception area, to find, I’m happy to say, that they had everything on record, and that all we had to do was drive on once we’d registered. This left us just enough time to nip off, find a hypermarket, stock up with goodies and head back.

The girl who checked the passports was obviously having a good day, as she asked us for a passport for the gorilla as we drove through. Five minutes later we were on the ferry, and climbing the stairs up to the passenger decks. Jonathan did have to go back for one last time, having forgotten to check if he’d locked all the van doors. I scribbled down some short notes of what we’d been up while I waited for him upstairs, then we ate while watching Wayne Rooney score a thunderous goal on the telly that was obviously the news of the day. Although we’d watched TV for a little bit while we’d been away they still seemed like quite alien artifacts, especially when showing the news. I didn’t have a clue what had happened in the world for the past two weeks outside of what we’d been doing.

We then headed up on deck which was deserted except for a few folks having a smoke outside by the door. It was hardly surprising given that it was pitch black by now and blowing a gale. This kept us entertained for a bit while the sensible people stayed inside and kept warm. But then sanity got the better of us and we headed back in to the comfort and warmth of big chairs and wide screen TVs.

All too soon it was time to head back to the van, and alight the ferry for the last, and some would say the most dangerous leg. The one where you think you’re home so you stop paying quite so much attention. Who knows, maybe we’d drive off the road or something…It was a quick run up and down a few motorways to get home with little of interest other than we’d be on the  right (or should I say the ‘correct’) side of the road for the first time in a few weeks.

As much fun as we’d had, now that we were this close, I was seriously looking forward to stopping still for a while and the little luxuries of home. That said, we still had to finish the last leg, or in my case the last two, as after stopping at Jonathans for the night I’d finally head home tomorrow.



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