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Balls To The Baltic - Latvia or Bust



So You donít know the way to France Either

Time passes as time does, and finally it's time to head back to the van and go and get on the ferry. We got stopped on the way through customs, and the lovely customs lady asks to check the back of the van. We're in plenty of time, so happily agree to have them tear the van apart, although she just looks in the back, realises we're a pair of clowns (I'm not a clown, I'm a juggler) and sends us on our way with a smile.

A quick nagging doubt makes me ask if we have a map of Europe. It turns out that we don't. At this point, alarm bells should have started ringing. Just what sort of clown goes on a road trip through half of Europe and doesnít think to take a map! There should have been claxons. There should have been cannons firing from the cliff tops. There should have been people waving danger flags, and Lighthouses flashing in the harbor. Perhaps there should have just been more sleep, or failing that, more coffee.

Without wanting to over stress the point, I suggested that we get a map. I'm pretty sure that this will be quite a useful thing to have while navigating through half a dozen different countries. We stop at the last shop in England and pick one up.

Driving onto the ferry is uneventful enough, and then we head up a couple of decks to find something to eat. Halfway up the stairs Jonathan decides he canít remember if heís locked all the doors on the van. He goes back to check while I carry on upstairs. Anyone who doesnít know Jonathan wonít realise thatís a joke, but it is. At the time, I didnít realise either.

We cause minor mayhem in the restaurant because I ordered the last bit of beef, and ĎHis Jesternessí notices that the plate it went onto had a stray molecule of something or other on it. I think he was using Jestervision because I couldnít see anything. The steward can't apologise enough anyway, and goes off to resolve the problem. I was hungry - I really didn't care. Just give me the food. I consider killing Jonathan twice when we get back. Ten minutes later, and the steward comes back to tell us that more beef will be ready in twenty minutes. I have chicken.†



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