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Balls To The Baltic - Latvia or Bust



You Drive One Way, Ill Drive the Other

We landed at Dunkerque and disembarked without any great difficulty. We then headed off into France just a few hours behind schedule. Jonathan drove the first leg and got us on our way through the north of France. On reaching Belgium we swapped over and I had my first continental stint of hard van driving action. About three miles (that's about five kilometers in European money) down the road and I've got us heading in exactly the wrong direction down the motorway having misjudged how far we'd already come. I saw a sign for a road we needed and followed it, only to realise later, that wed already been down that road. Id turned us around and we were headed back to Dunkerque. Whoops.

Its an easy mistake to make. Any clown could have done it. I think you have to admit that's an impressive start. I would like to point out that Im a juggler. I'm not a clown. I'm not in the guild, although I'm thinking if I carry on like that, they just might let me in.

The rest of the journey to Xantern, where were heading to in Germany, is a combination of chatting, telling jokes, and getting lost and having to sort ourselves out again. We eventually get there pretty late at night after 'wrong slotting' as Jonathan calls it a number of times. Horsch, who is to be our translator for the next few days says he'll come out and meet us on the outskirts of town to save us having to drive round the houses to find where we're going. I'm amazed that he managed to work out which vehicle we were in given that it was dark, but it turns out we'd forgotten to put the lenses on the van lights when we'd come into France so had probably been blinding all the other drivers on the roads. Ahem... bad jugglers.

So finally, really quite late (which is to become the normal state of events), we pull the van into Clive and Kirstens driveway, who are to be our hosts for the next couple of days. As much fun as weve been having eating rhubarb and custard and talking nonsense all day, whilst avoiding getting lost in country after country, it is a real pleasure to be getting out of the van. Inside we relax while our hosts provide us with excellent food, drink and conversation, although unfortunately I'm not completely sure we hold up our end of it as were both exhausted. Still, it's really nice to have arrived and when we finally retire for the evening, it's with the contentment of knowing that we've taken the first steps, and our adventure is officially underway.



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