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Making Everything Clear

There are a few things that we like to make clear when you are booking us for any event. We hope this doesn't sound officious, it's just that we think it's important that these things are clear from the start to avoid confusion later.

  1. When you book us, we will ask you to confirm everything. either by email, or by post, so we all know what to expect. The sort of information we want from you is listed below, but remember, this is intended to make life easier, not harder, so if you can't supply it at the time, don't worry.

    Feel free to cut and paste the following list into an email, and answer the bits that you can.

    [This information is copied to our 'job sheet' for the day, so please put the actual information and not links, i.e. please tell us your phone number, rather than telling us it's on your web site, or in your signature, as that information might not get copied to the job sheet - thank you]

    Your Name (and Company if that's relevant)

    Date / Time / Location of event (a post code is helpful)

    Contact Details (including Address for invoice & mobile number for the day of the event)

    Agreed Cost

    What you're booking us to do - i.e. a circus workshop / walkabout performance / demonstration

    How many people you're expecting (if you don't know, you can say that too)

    Anything we'll need to know about parking and access - remember for circus workshops we'll be bringing a lot of equipment.

    It's helpful if you can let us know what surface we'll be working on if we're outdoors, grass or tarmac etc. so we know what sort of fencing to bring if it's necessary.

    Anything else you want to be clear about that we shouldn't forget

    Finally - where you first heard of us if this is the first time you've booked us

    Once we receive this information from you, we'll enter the booking into the diary, confirm that we've done so, and ask you for a deposit. Please note, from the point we enter the booking into the diary, we will refuse other bookings for that date, and our cancellation terms apply (See Below).

    If you book us for a circus party, feel free to use our free downloadable circus party invitations.

  2. When working with children we do require that at least one other adult is present at all times to deal with anything serious that might prevent us all from having lots of fun.
  3. Many circus toys such as stilts and unicycles contain an element of risk. This is part of their attraction. However, that risk is significantly increased if the area being used is not kept clear and tidy. Whilst teaching, we can't be tidying too, so we ask that you please help us to keep the area tidier, and hence safer.
  4. A complete risk assessment of our equipment is available on request. If you don't want us to include certain equipment due to risk, please tell us when making the booking.
  5. For outdoor events you should also ensure that there's somewhere we can play if it's wet, as we require paying even if it rains. We do apologise for this, as we understand you can't control the weather any more than we can.

    You can book a hall in your local area, or erect a suitable sized tent/gazebo. Alternatively, pop down the bookies and make a bet on it raining on the day - Then if you're event gets rained off, at least you'll have made some cash out of it. Alternatively, you can get the same result by taking out weather insurance.

    Again, we apologise for this, but the alternative is that we could never accept bookings for outdoor events.
  6. CANCELATION FEES : Again ... sorry about this bit - for 99.999% of customers it's not relevant, however..... Once we accept your booking, we will obviously turn down other events for the same day. Once you've agreed to book us, you have effectively agreed to a contract and you cannot cancel it without our agreement. Our cancellation terms are :
    3 months before event : 25% of fee
    2 months before event : 50% of fee
    1 month before event : 100% of fee*

    * feel free to ask us when canceling about knocking a bit off the bill for the fuel we don't have to use getting to you.

    At our discretion we may agree a mutually agreeable alternative date. But don't count on it. If you're friendly, we'll more than likely oblige. It depends how much sleep we've had, if we've turned down invitations to anything else fun, and of course, how much we want you to book us next time. We generally want you to book us next time.

    Agents who wish to book us but have different cancellation fees - talk to us, we'll generally oblige if they're reasonable.

    Please Note: Cancellation must be in writing. This isn't to make it difficult, it's to make sure that everything is clear. Email from the same account you used to book us will do fine.
  7. Our day rate for one person includes anything up to 5 hours including breaks. If your event is longer than that, please mention it, so that we can plan cover or breaks. We're generally far more willing to stretch the day a little bit if you pamper us, and make us lots of cups of tea and things like that to keep us going.
  8. CORPORATE CLIENTS: if you have procedures that need to be fulfilled prior to entering the place we will be working, can you please let me know when confirming the booking. Firstly it allows me to arrive a little earlier to go through the process, and secondly, I have in the past been asked by one global company to sign a waiver that was so strict it would have not only invalidated my insurance, but also basic human rights.

    It turns out that corporate lawyers aren't always reasonable - who knew?

    I'm more than happy to comply with sensible and reasonable requests, but please let me have a copy of anything you're going to want me to sign beforehand, so we can resolve any issues before the day.
  9. We try to be as friendly as possible about all of this. If there's anything that troubles you, seems unreasonable, or simply doesn't make sense, speak to us, and we'll do what we can to come to an agreement.

If you're happy with all that, then please contact us, and we will look forward to helping you with your event. Needless to say, if anything is not clear, please just ask.

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