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Alight Fingers Gift Vouchers and Invites

Party Invitations

If you're having a circus party, please download and print these special invitations. Choose the size and format that suits you.

A5 one per page : not really a lot of use unless you have an A5 printer or want to resize it.

A4 two per page : once you slice it down the middle, this gives you two lovely A5 invitations.

Remember to set print orientation to portrait when printing.


A4 four per page : Save ink, paper and trees, with these nice litte A6 invites which print 4 to a standard A4 printer page.

Remember to set print orientation to landscape when printing.


Rememember to get a grown up to help you with the cutting out, or if you are a grown up, remember to get the kids to help you with the cutting out... why should you have to do all the work?


Gift Vouchers

Alight Fingers can be booked to provide personal juggling and circus skills training.

This is something that is sometimes given as a gift for birthdays, christmas, hen or stag nights or any other special occasion.

We have provided a number of 'vouchers' for such occasions, so the receiver of the gift can have something to 'unwrap' on the day, and then have their training/tuition at a later date.

print copies are at 300 dpi suitable for printing, but may appear very large on screen.

Blank Voucher for your own personal message


"juggling is pointless?"


"only for the innuendo"

Please note, more suited for stag and hen nights/days than children's parties.


"muti-tasking 101"



How to print the vouchers and invitations

Because the images are at a resolution for print quality, it probably won't print properly directly from your web browser. To print the image;

  • save it to your computer first
  • then open it in any image editing or viewing software (windows picture and fax viewer will do) where you should be able to print them happily.
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