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Parent Parties are events for groups of parents, for themselves as much as for their children, where we use the skills learned working from schools, to corporate team building sessions, to help parents help their children develop the balance, and hand to eye coordination that are so useful in so many different areas throughout life.

parent helping child on unicycleWe have no starting expectations of the abilities of participants (adults or children). No one is born capable of juggling or riding a unicycle. Balance and hand to eye coordination are learned abilities, and as with so many things, the earlier we can start learning the better. All we ask is that participants come with the belief that they're capable of improving these areas... You are. Everyone is... Especially with a good teacher.

We also ask that if it turns out your kids are better than you, that you accept the fact with good grace. It's not their fault you gave them such good genes.

It's a great way to have fun spending time with your family and friends, and because you can spread the cost amongst a group of families it's not something that needs to be saved for a special occasion; which is not to say that it doesn't make a great present for your whole family when a special occasion does arise.

Parent parties are not restricted by our minimum age limit. but that doesn't mean they're only open to parents with younger children. In fact, you don't even have to have children. We're more than happy working with groups of adults too.

It's generally expected that a group would involve anything from two to twenty people, with roughly equal amounts of parents and children, but every group is different and we do what we can to accommodate the group you have.

If you've any questions at all, please just ask.

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