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If it's teaching juggling and circus skills in schools, or management training and corporate fun days, learning to juggle and circus workshops are the perfect tool for teaching people to believe they can do the impossible... It's also quite a good laugh for a party.

...It seems only fair considering that most jobs these days expect us to do the impossible at least six times before lunch...that we should get a little training.

...and that it should be fun.

Learning to do the impossible is of course, not easy. Some might go as far as to say that performing impossible feats is actually quite hard.

That's where we come in. As people who defy gravity on a daily basis, We can pass on the experience of having taught literally thousands the easy ways to do impossible things.

Our experience ranges from working with the BBC as part of their 'Surprise Yourself' event, teaching workshops at circus festivals, teaching in schools and for children's organisations. Teaching teachers (yes they are worse than the children). Teaching groups of accountants (the collective noun for accountants is actually a 'circus of accountants' due to the amount of juggling involved), as well as numerous company away days, and management training programs.

"I love the look in people's eyes when they suddenly realise they can, and are juggling. They usually drop a fraction of a second afterwards because they're so shocked they're actually doing it. Half the trick is getting over the shock that you're capable of doing these things."

We can teach how to juggle balls, and juggling clubs. How to spin plates and dabble with diabalos. How to get a little bit devilish with devil sticks, or to play with poi. How to slide a crystal ball round your hands like David Bowie in labyrinth (contact juggling)... or for that matter, how to balance a chair on your chin.

We have CRB clearance and Public Liability Insurance for all our circus workshops. please contact us.


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